Beginners learning to play the piano need a visual reference between the music on the song sheet and the expected sound of the music note that each key plays. These removable keyboard decals with their large note letter-names and musical notes will provide you a much faster start to your piano lessons, because it'll be easier for you to become enthusiastic about piano lessons that you can play all the keys equally well.

For those who know very little about how to play the piano, the "Set of 24 Piano Decals" will definitely shorten their time to be able to play beginner music with self confidence. The way to start using your decals right away is to either:

  1. Put all 24 decals on their respective piano keys, or
  2. Put only the decals on the keys on either side of middle C that match the notes in the music, or
  3. If you're having trouble associating specific notes with their respective keys, the "Set of 24 Piano Decals" will definitely help. Put only the decals on those problem keys and you'll be ready to read and play the music that includes those keys. Soon you'll overcome the problem by playing these keys, without those decals.

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