These removable decals are applied with finger pressure onto clean, glossy white keys. They are held together by a cohesive force between the glossy piano key and the smooth, highly polished decal due to an intermolecular attraction. This attraction causes the decals to self-adhere to the keys without using water or adhesive.

As the location of each note on the keyboard and its position on the grand staff is learned and its decal is no longer needed, you will become even more eager to play the piano after you remove the decal. To remove the decal, just pull it up. No residue is left to damage the key top. If you want to possibly use the decal again, save it on the decal backing sheet. Finally, repeat playing the complete song without the decals. Soon you'll be capable of playing many of the songs that you've always wanted to.

Piano teachers have repeatedly bought several sets of decals at a time for their students. In a request for two more "Sets of 24 Piano Decals," a previous customer wrote, "This is a GREAT product" and "Thanks for producing such a USEFUL TOOL for piano learning."

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